Donate Food/Funds 

“How it all began.”

Donate Food/Funds

West Toronto Church of God is completely dependent on the generosity of those who choose to donate their food or funds. Your donation will help us to provide healthy food to many people in our community and around the world. Click here for a cash contribution.

Food Donation – Click here to Schedule a pickup
What about liabilty?

The Ontario Donation of Food Act protects all persons and companies from any liability when donating food in good will.

What types of food does West Toronto Church of God Accepts?

Non-perishable foods, canned and/or packaged

Is there a minimum quantity of food required for pick-up?

Pickups are done by volunteers and as such a maximum donation of 40 lbs is preferred.

What types of food are

Expired/past code product
Food or drinks with alcohol and/or medicinal ingredients
Open packaged or broken sealed food

Does West Toronto Church of God re-sell donated food?

West Toronto Church of God does not resell donated food. All food donations are distributed at no cost in feeding people in need.

Schedule a pickup

Pick-ups are arranged by simply phoning the office at 416-235-1333  or by clicking here.