“True beauty emanates from a woman who
boldly knows who she is in Christ.”


Social Gatherings

The women meet every month. This time of fellowship is used as a vehicle to speak freely about matters that impact them personally at home, church and work. These gatherings are built on a biblical doctrine, scripture and prayer and are utilized to bring about a solution or encouragement to different situations.

Home Visits/Home Missions

A group of women visit the home of those who are shut-in and sick to pray and/or evangelize. During these times, the word of God is brought to those that are unable to attend Church because of illness or loss/lack of mobility. Along with the Word of God for encouragement, they also bring food and emotional comfort to those that need to know they are not forgotten.

Bible Studies

These sessions are usually done during social gatherings where the Word of God is exhorted by a group of women.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are used to educate the women within the group on Health matters and other topics.  A professional person in the field is generally brought to facilitate and teach in these sessions.