Weekly Meetings

Weekly Ministries and Meetings

Although we cannot meet in person, we look forward to meeting you online for services and weekly ministries.  Below are our weekly meeting times.  Click the “Join Meeting” button below to join your meeting at the appropriate time.

– Sundays – 11am- Worship Service

– Tuesdays – 10 am – Prayer & Fasting

– Tuesdays – 8pm – Prayer

– Wednesdays – 7:30pm – Bible Study

– Thursdays – 10am –  Senior’s Meeting

– Fridays – 7:30pm – Youth Meetings

– Saturdays – 7-9am – Prayer meeting


Click the link “https://zoom.us/j/4162351333” or click the “JOIN MEETING” button and select “Call via Device audio”.  You can also listen by telephone @ 438-809-7799, 4162351333#.



1655 Wilson Avenue, North York, Ontario, Canada, M3L 1A5
Phone: 1(416) 235-1333
Fax: 1(416) 235-0302

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