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March Break Flex

March Break Flex

We all have a story

We all have a story

Prayer Breakfast

Prayer Breakfast

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West Toronto Youth Ministries (WTYM)

Our primary purpose

Is to reach all young people, just as Jesus commands his disciples in Matthew 28:19-20; and to preach and teach the message of grace in its entirety.

We exist to:

Minister to meet the needs of the total man by equipping our young people with the tools necessary to reach their generation. Above all, to teach young people that in a world where everything is changing( knowledge, attitude, behaviour), God is unchanging.

WTYM offers various ministry opportunities as well as fun activities, which are designed to keep young people plug into God by meeting specific needs.Youth. Our Future Services contain Bible study, special music, praise and worship, career and college, discipleship, group discussion, Junior/Teen Talents, YWEA, winterfest, junior/senior camps, community night and congregation Sunday. Some of our programs are geared to address issues that youths face with sex, dating, education, spiritual growth , drugs, and self-esteem, etc. These programs help young people to enhance their spiritual walk and practically apply biblical principles in daily living.

Our Friday nights services begin at 7:30PM ( All are Welcome.)

1st Friday - Discipleship Night

The first Friday is a teaching night. A night when young people are up close and personal with God. This focuses on specific areas of spiritual growth among the young people. It also provide opportunity for young people who want to develop their leadership skills (teaching, preaching).

2nd Friday - Worship Night

Gives young people a chance to develop and display their ministry gifts/talents (to learn how to lead praise and worship, exhort, sing, prayer ).

3rd Friday - Career and College Night

On this Friday, activities are specifically geared to reach career and college age group.

4th Friday - Community Night

Our young people are given the opportunity to meet with other young people from other churches to share their faith and participate in fun activities.

Youth Sundays - Congregation (4Th Sunday)

Youth Sunday is an exciting time of the month when both morning and evening services are designed to expose youths to dynamic messages, praise and worship and music ministry. Everyone is welcome to fellowship with us as our youths reach their peers and older generation. These services are par excellence.

Children's Ministry

Become a VOLUNTEER and join our team

This dynamic ministry helps children share their faith each Sunday through mini sermon, crafts, worship and music. Lots of volunteer opportunities available at West Toronto Church of God to work with children. Email children@westtoronto.org to find out more.

Singles' Ministry

Its purpose is to minister and help singles celebrate their singleness through heart to heart discussions, etc. It gives our singles the opportunity to participate in the total ministry of the local church.

Junior/Teen Talent

Junior/Teen Talents are positive experience for our teens and juniors to showcase their talents on local, regional and international levels. These opportunities allow our young people to compete in various categories: drama , mime, human video, instrumental, writing, drawing, Bible quiz and photography. Parents are also encouraged to help inspire and encourage their teens and juniors to participate in these programs.

Winterfest, Senior and Junior Camps

These annual activities give our local youths to interact on the regional level with others. The events take our youths from the familiar environment into one where services and activities are specifically prepared for them.

YWEA (Youth World Evangelism Action)

The YWEA representative arranges fundraising events, actively promote the YWEA project and co-ordinate activities with the regional office for church's participation in yearly events. YWEA is a vehicle through which our youths can purposefully help in missions around the world.

For more information about Youth Ministry please email us at Youth@westtoronto.org

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