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March Break Flex

We all have a story

We all have a story

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Prayer Breakfast

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This Months News LetterWest Toronto Church of God recognizes Evangelism as one of the most vital and essential ministry in the church. Every ministry in the church contributes in some way to Evangelism; from the cleaning of the church, to answering the phones, to the preaching of the Word. Every involvement with the diverse needs of individuals represent an opportunity for Evangelism. The Evangelism Team of West Toronto consists of all age groups of consecrated, dedicated and seriously committed men and women of God. The various areas of ministries are as follows:


  1. Saturday morning Sanctuary Prayer meetings
    The Evangelism Team meet to spend time in thanksgiving and praise to God and to exhort and encourage each other from the Word of God and most importantly to intercede to God on the behalf of Souls. The Team leader strongly believes that believers who learn to speak in small groups will be more confident when they are asked to participate in the main Worship Services of the Church. Everyone is most welcome.
  2. Saturday morning home prayer meetings
    When a request is received for home prayer meeting the team meet at the Church 9:30 a.m. board the Church Bus go to the home, minister to the individuals and then return to the Church.


Currently we have two groups, Tuesday nights in Toronto (Jane and Falstaff area) and Thursday night in Brampton in the Sandalwood and Maclaughlin area. Both groups are currently studying the Book of Acts. These groups are for the edifying and spiritual growth of the believer as well as unsaved individuals. Again all are welcome.


The Team goes into a chosen area, share the gospel, pray with unsaved individuals and distributes gospel tracts. (Great response)


  • Follow-up Workers
    After an alter call, new converts are assigned a follow-up worker who becomes a prayer partner and encourager to the new convert up to and after water baptism.
  • New converts Sunday School Teachers
    New converts are encouraged to attend new converts Sunday school classes every Sunday morning. In the New convert's Sunday School Class new converts are taught, by qualified, mature and experienced teachers, the doctrines of the Church of God and how to study the Word of God for Spiritual growth.


Members of the Team visit Hospitals and Nursing Homes where they lovingly offer words of comfort and pray with the sick.


Selected and properly processed individuals visit the prisons where they participate in Chapel Services and minister to incarcerated individuals.

The Encourager

The ENCOURAGER is a publication of the West Toronto Church of God. It is filled with insightful Articles, Poems, Jokes, Special Feature, Past and upcoming events, Advertising and much more.

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